Delegation Policies

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keyboard_arrow_rightA. NATURE

According to the Responsibility Framework signed between ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and NIC.PY, the management of Domain Names under the .py ccTLD, as well as the maintenance of the primary and secondary servers for this zone is responsibility of the Network Information Center - Paraguay, made up by the National Computing Center (CNC) from the National University of Asunción (UNA) and the Digital Electronics Laboratory (LED) of the Catholic University Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (UCA).

keyboard_arrow_rightB. OBJECTIVE

The purpose of these Policies is to specify the general principles and guidelines for the delegation and management of domain names under the .PY ccTLD.

keyboard_arrow_rightC. RESPONSE TO INQUIRIES

NIC.PY will respond to any inquiry regarding the application of these policies using one of these contact methods:

In addition, NIC.PY will be responsible for communicating these policies to users of the domain names delegated under the .PY ccTLD.

keyboard_arrow_rightD. DEFINITIONS

Manager: NIC.PY, organization in charge of the registration and management of domain names under the .PY ccTLD.

ccTLD: country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is the class of top-level domains reserved for use by countries, territories, and geographical locations identified in the ISO 3166-1 Country Codes list. They can base their names on the two-letter country codes defined by the ISO 3166-1 standard. .PY is the ccTLD for Paraguay.

Responsible organization: An individual or legal entity who registers and makes use of a domain name under the .PY ccTLD, for the coverage time paid (validity time). It is also responsible for the domain name registered under the .PY ccTLD. In the case of local companies, it generally represents the company's name.

Administrative Contact: An individual or legal entity authorized to make changes to any of the registered contact's data, including the “company name” or “responsible organization”. It is the representative of the Responsible Organization to which the domain name is delegated.

Billing Contact: An individual or legal entity who makes the payment for the registration or renewal of the domain name under the .PY ccTLD. This contact provides and keeps up-to-date the billing information (Name / Company Name, R.U.C, address, etc.) of the domain name.

Technical Contact: An individual or legal entity who performs the technical management of the domain name, being able to make changes within the technical field, be it their own data or those related to DNS servers.

Registrant: An individual or legal entity who fills in the application form to themselves or on behalf of a Responsible Organization. It is also called an “intermediary”, whose role typically ends when the domain is delegated.

IP Addresses: Both versions 4 and 6 are a series of numbers that identify the computers that access the Internet.

ICANN: "Internet Corporation of Assigned Numbers and Names", is a global non-profit corporation formed to oversee a select range of technical functions of Internet address, also has the responsibility to coordinate the assignment of protocol parameters and the address of the domain name.

NIC: Network Information Center (NIC) is the territorial authority in charge of the registration and management of domain names under a certain ccTLD. In the case of Paraguay, the authority in charge of these functions is NIC.PY, hereinafter called “Manager”.

DNS: Domain Name System (DNS), is a distributed system that translates IP addresses into unique alphanumeric addresses called domain names that are easier to remember.

Domain Name: It is a unique alphanumeric combination used to identify an Internet service, a web page, a product or even people's names. Represents an identifier common to a group of computers or equipment connected to the network. It is a simple form of Internet address designed to allow users to easily locate sites on the Internet.

DNS Servers: Are those servers that respond for one or several domains and translate IP addresses into domain names and vice versa.

WHOIS: Database System used to query domain names delegated under the .PY ccTLD, which can be consulted publicly through the NIC.PY website in order to verify contact information of an active domain name.

Registrar: Institution or Organization to which the Manager has delegated the function of managing a certain type of restricted domains, acting as a contact and liaison with those responsible for the domain in question

Agente Registrador: institución u organización a quien el Administrador le ha delegado la tarea de administrar un determinado tipo de dominios restringidos, fungiendo la labor de contacto y nexo con los responsables del dominio en cuestión.

Reseller: An individual or legal entity who has been authorized by the Manager to apply for domain names for themselves or for third parties. They are responsible for serving and supporting their clients, offering value-added services according to their business plan.

Disputes: Situation that occurs when there are two or more interested parties in a certain domain name. If this condition occurs, those affected must resort to an organization independent of NIC.PY capable of solving these issues. For more details, access the document “PY Dispute Resolution Policy”.

Controversias: situación que se presenta cuando existen dos o más interesados en un determinado nombre de dominio. De darse esta condición, los afectados deberán recurrir a una organización independiente al NIC.PY capaz de resolver estos asuntos. Para más detalles, acceder al documento “Política de solución de controversias PY”.

keyboard_arrow_rightE. GENERAL DISPOSITIONS

The responsible organization, the registrant and the contacts of a domain name registered under the .PY ccTLD, declare that they know and accept the Delegation Policies for domain names delegated under the .PY ccTLD, regulations and/or other rules regarding the service of registration, renewal, modification, cancellation and dispute resolution of domain names under the .PY

NIC.PY only manages the delegation and assignment of domain names under the .PY ccTLD, therefore, any consequence derived from it or the use of a domain name in an improper or illegal way constituting a violation of the local or international legislation, is the sole responsibility of the “Responsible Organization and/or the Administrative Contact” of the domain name. It should be emphasized that the NIC.PY fulfills a technical function, necessary for the proper operation of the DNS, which in turn is essential for the stability of the Internet and its services.

The delegation of a domain name under the .PY ccTLD follows this basic principle: “First come, first served”.

Any individual or legal entity, national or foreign, may apply for the delegation of a domain name under the .PY ccTLD, with no restriction on the number of domain names that an individual, company or institution can delegate under .PY ccTLD.

A domain name requested under the .PY ccTLD can not be modified in its structure and composition, since this will imply the delegation of another domain name. However, the data of any contact may be modified according to these Policies.

In no case will the Manager be responsible for verifying the authenticity of the information provided in the delegation form of a domain name or in subsequent updates requested or sent. Likewise, the Manager is not responsible for the loss of communications sent to the “Responsible Organization” and / or the contacts of a domain name, regardless of the means used (email, registered mail, telephone, others), being able to proceed to make effective the actions reported in them. The only responsible for keeping the contacts information up-to-date is the “Responsible Organization” through its Administrative Contact.

In no case will the Manager, its employees or representatives be responsible for the misuse of a domain name or the contents transferred by or published in it, being responsible for such use the “Responsible Organization” and/or the Administrative Contact of the domain name.

In no case will the Manager has contractual or non contractual responsibility for the transfer or cancellation ordered by an administrative, arbitration, judicial or dispute resolution entity (under the “Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy for .PY”), of a domain name delegated under .PY ccTLD.

The different registered contacts of a domain name have the following attributions defined before the NIC.PY:

Attributions Administrative Technical Billing
Change the “Responsible Organization” of a domain. X
Cancel (delete) domain X
Modify administrative contact X
Modify technical contact or DNS servers X X
Modify billing information X X
Represent the “Responsible Organization” in dispute resolution procedures X
Renew the domain X X X

The Responsible Organization and the Administrative Contact, when applying for a domain name, accept the policies, procedures and rules published on the Manager’s website related to domain names under .PY ccTLD, in addition to authorize the Manager to process the data provided in the delegation form in the WHOIS database or similar.

The redistribution or retransmission of the information in that database by any means, is expressly prohibited. In the case you have the intention of publishing all or part of the information provided, prior authorization of the Manager is required.

WHOIS database (or similar) will replicate in an exact manner the data provided in the domain name delegation form, basing its reliability on it.

keyboard_arrow_rightF. STRUCTURE OF THE DOMAIN NAME

For the delegation of a domain name under the ccTLD .py, the following syntax rule must be taken into account:

  1. The minimum length of a domain name is four (4) characters but it is recommended that it consist of at least five (5) characters in order to reduce the probability of conflicts.
  2. The maximum length allowed for a domain name is sixty three characters (63), but it is recommended not to exceed twenty four (24) characters.
  3. Valid characters are numbers (0-9), letters (a-z), and hyphen (-). The accented characters (á, é, í, ó, ú) are excepted, as well as the “ñ”.
  4. Domain names must not begin or end with the hyphen (-) or carry two hyphens (-) in a row.

The domain names with less than four (4) letters long may be delegated to companies, organizations or people that justify their request and at a different cost, indicated in the “Annex - Table of Costs of .PY Domains”


The Manager delegates Third Level domain names under .PY ccTLD, of the following types:

Third Level Domain Name

Restricted Third Level Domains

Third level domain names under .PY ccTLD that are restricted and require the applicant to provide special documentation for their approval are the following:

These domains are delegated exclusively to educational institutions which resides in the country and are recognized by the MEC (Ministry of Education and Sciences), the CONES (National Council of Higher Education) or a creation Law.

Intended only for government entities, be they national or municipal in nature, as well as decentralized entities but dependent on the State. It is recommended that the name to be delegated allows the institution that apply for it to be easily and unequivocally identified. This name may be formed by the identifying acronyms of the Institution or by part of the name, by which it is known in our environment.

This domain is only granted to dependencies of the Paraguayan Armed Forces. A letterhead note signed by the Maximum Executive Authority of the Institution applying for the domain name must be provided to the Manager. To know the format of the referred document, download the template from the NIC.PY website.

Corresponds to cooperatives, regardless of their type or purpose and recognized as such by INCOOP. For the delegation of these domains, documentation issued by INCOOP is required.

These domains will be delegated to:

  • Non-profit organizations legally constituted in Paraguay
  • Civil Societies and Associations legally constituted in Paraguay
  • Individuals established in Paraguay, who prove the use of the domain name without profit
  • International Non-profit Organizations established in Paraguay
  • Non-Governmental Organizations constituted in Paraguay
  • Embassies and consulates of foreign countries established in the national territory
  • Political parties and political associations
  • Religious associations
  • Institutions dedicated to the education of people with different abilities
  • Public or private charities
  • Social clubs
  • Neighborhood / neighborhood commissions, with or without legal status
  • Workers Union
  • Foundations

For the approval of applications the Responsible Organization for the domain must send to the Manager a note signed by the indicated Administrative Contact declaring the non-profit use of the domain. To know the format of the referred document, download the template from the NIC.PY website.

NOT Restricted Third Level Domains

Intended for companies that provide any of these services:

  • Internet Service Providers
  • Value added service provider
  • Wired or wireless network service provider
  • Data transmission service provider
  • Telecommunication service provider
  • Website designers
  • Digital advertising agencies
  • Any organization, company, product, service or individual to which the aforementioned "Third Level Domains" do not apply.

Any organization, company, product, service or individual to which the above cases do not apply.

The applications for these domain names (.COM.PY and .NET.PY) will have automatic approval, and, in case of a conflict of interest, should resort to the arbitration service indicated in the “Dispute Resolution Policy for .PY”.


The Manager will not act as mediator or arbitrator, nor will it intervene in any way in the possible conflicts that may arise between the "responsible organization" for a domain name and a third party, related to the following cases:

  • The domain name registered under the .PY ccTLD is identical or similar to the point of creating confusion regarding a brand of products or services to which the claimant has rights; and
  • The “Responsible Organization” of a domain name has no legitimate rights or interests regarding the domain name; and
  • The domain name has been registered or is used in bad faith.

The submission of the “Responsible Organization” of the domain name delegated under .PY ccTLD to the “Dispute Resolution Policy for .PY”, will be done with the acceptance of the clauses and delineations, referred to in the website of the Manager, by the registrant, the Administrative Contact on behalf of the "Responsible Organization" and / or the "registrar agent" or "reseller agent" at the moment of applying for a domain name or later, through any modification made and / or payment for the renewal of a domain. [see Policy for the resolution of controversies, Regulations and Additional Regulations]

keyboard_arrow_rightI. START OF VALIDITY

These Domain Name Delegation Policies for domains delegated under .PY ccTLD, will come into force within ten (10) calendar days computed from their publication on the website

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