Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I start?

keyboard_arrow_rightI want to put my company name on the Internet but I don't know how to start.

To start the domain delegation process, you should read the procedures and guidelines established on the NIC’s website to be aware of the requirements and general rules on domain names. It is advisable that you already have the data of the DNS servers that will resolve your domain name. To contact companies that can provide you with domain name resolution services and other Internet services, contact them directly. In addition, we recommend that you read questions 3 and 4 of the Technical Consultations section, to clarify the correct use of DNS servers.

About the delegation process

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is the procedure to request a domain?

The domain delegation process is very simple; It consists of the following steps:

  1. The interested party is aware of the and
  2. The interested party sends the application to the NIC with the complete data.
  3. The NIC receives the application, verifies it and awaits confirmation from the applicant.
  4. The applicant sends the confirmation or additional information to the NIC.
  5. The NIC conducts the approval study of the application.
    1. If the application is approved, the NIC informs the user of the result and waits for the corresponding payment.
    2. If the application is rejected, the NIC informs the user and the application is dismissed.
  6. In the case of approved applications, the user makes the payment and informs the NIC. Subsequently, the NIC activates the domain and starts publishing it. For further details, see the delegation procedure at
keyboard_arrow_rightMy application was confirmed, how long will it take to be approved?

From the moment one of the domain contacts confirms the original application, the NIC takes a maximum of 48 hours to inform you about the status of requested domain name. If you want to know about the current status of the application, you can check it through the following URL:

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat statuses my delegation application can have?

To know about the status of an application, you can go to the following URL:; simply enter the domain name in the corresponding field and press the check button. Domain name applications may have one of the following statuses:

  • Subject to confirmation: Means that the confirmation message of the original application, the one that is sent automatically to the contacts when you fill in the form, has not been received yet.
  • Confirmed: The application confirmation was received. From the moment the contacts receive the email message mentioning that the application has this status, the NIC-PY has a term of no more than 48 hours to indicate you how to continue the process.
  • In registration process: the application has been approved, the domain contacts will receive a message mentioning details about the deadline for payment and places enabled for this purpose.
  • Activo: the domain is delegated to the DNS servers listed in the completed application
keyboard_arrow_rightMy application has not been approved yet, can I make the activation payment?

No, the domain activation payment must be made once the domain has gone through an approval study and has been approved.

We remind you that domain payments are not refundable and that payments received before the domain has been approved doesn't warranty you that the domain is going to be approved.

keyboard_arrow_rightI need to know: What happened with the domain application?

If you were the one who started the domain delegation process, you must have received a message requesting you to confirm the delegation application; if you haven’t confirmed yet, you must in order to proceed further with the process. If 8 (eight) days after the initial request you or one of the contacts did not respond to that message, the application is rejected.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat are the requirements to request an ORG.PY, GOV.PY, EDU.PY or COOP.PY domain?

These are the requirements of the NIC-PY for the delegation of the following third level domains:

  • ORG.PY: these domains are delegated to non profit Institutions, with or without legal status. For the delegation of these domains we require that the applicant Institution send us via fax a branded note, signed by the person responsible for the Institution, confirming the domain delegation application and describing briefly how they are going to be using the domain name.
  • GOV.PY: these domains are delegated to Entities that depends on the paraguayan state. For the delegation of these domains we require that the applicant Institution send us via fax a branded note, signed by the person responsible for the Institution, describing briefly how they are going to be using the domain name.
  • EDU.PY: these domains correspond exclusively to educational institutions recognized by the MEC or by the Council of Universities in case the applicant institution is a University. Therefore, when starting the procedures for the delegation of these domains, we request that you send us a copy of said document by fax.
  • COOP.PY: these domains correspond exclusively to cooperative organizations, regardless of their type (consumption, credit, etc.). For the delegation of these domains, the responsible organization will request from INCOOP a certificate indicating the Cooperative is registered in the registry of cooperatives of said institution.
keyboard_arrow_rightHow do I request a new domain name?

Before starting the application process for a new domain name, we suggest you visit the NIC site at to verify the availability of the domain. Once confirmed that the domain name is Available, you can proceed to Register it by pressing the Register button that will display the Delegation Form. In case you have problems filling in the form we suggest you contact us or your Internet service provider.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is the data that is completed in the domain delegation application used for?
The data completed in the delegation application are used to contact those responsible for the domain, either for administrative inquiries or regarding the operation of the domain. Therefore, it is very important that you always keep the data updated, that is, if you change your email address, your phone number, address or any other information, you must immediately communicate to the NIC to avoid inconveniences due to lack of communication.
keyboard_arrow_rightIs it essential to indicate the names of the DNS servers?

Yes, before applying for the delegation of a domain name, you must know what are going to be their DNS servers. The reason for this is that it is widely accepted by the Internet Community that domain names are delegated solely for use, this means that a given domain name should not be requested for the sole purpose of reserving it for future use or for prevent others from using it.

keyboard_arrow_rightI received a message asking to justify the domain name request. What do you mean?

In the field Justify of the domain delegation form, you have to clearly mention why you want the domain name delegation. This information is very important because your argument is going to be used during the application’s approval study. Justifications such as: "website", "for receiving email" and the like are very generic and do not allow us to determine how the domain name will be used.

keyboard_arrow_rightMy domain was deleted but I did not receive any notification

The domain renewal process consists of two reminders sent during the domain expiration month. These messages are sent to the contacts that appear in the domain application, reason for why it is very important that these data are up-to-date and that the responsibles for each domain receive the corresponding messages. If you want to update your domain’s data, go to the following link:

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat are the requirements for a foreign company to request a .PY domain?

The norms of the NIC establish that foreign companies can apply for .PY domains delegation, but must do so through duly authorized representatives, constituted in Paraguay. In practice this means that at least the billing contact must reside in our country.

About Modifications in the domains

keyboard_arrow_rightI need to modify the data of my domain. How do I do it?

If you are the current administrative, technical or billing contact and you need to modify data regarding a domain, you must fill in the modification form found in In case you do not appear as one of the domain contacts, you can send by email a digitalized copy of the Modification Template (photo or scanned image) to this email address: This template must be printed on letterhead of the Responsible Organization, and signed by a manager or representative of it. You can also send it by fax to +595 21 585554.

keyboard_arrow_rightHow can I change the name of a domain?

There is no procedure for changing a domain name and / or modifying it. If you want a new domain name you can apply for it through the following link:

keyboard_arrow_rightI received a message requesting clarification about the relationship between the requested domain name and the applicant Organization. What do you mean?

In most cases, domain names are related to the company name or to the name of a product or service offered by that Organization. In cases where the requested names are generic, or we can not establish a relationship between them and the applicant organization, we request that you mention the reasons why you apply for the domain name in order to document your response that will be stored in our database.

keyboard_arrow_rightCan a person register a domain in their name?

There are no impediments for a natural person to apply for and delegate a domain name as long as the request complies with the norms, procedures and guidelines used by the NIC.

About domain Contacts

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is the role of the Technical Contact mentioned in the delegation application?

The Technical Contact is in charge of managing any technical issues related to the operation of a domain and is responsible for keeping the data of the name servers updated. Generally, we recommend that this contact belongs to the company that provides domain name resolution (DNS) services so that it can take care of any changes to the data on the servers.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is the role of the Billing Contact mentioned in the delegation application?

The Billing Contact is in charge of knowing the details about the payments for activation and renewals; and the expiration date of the domain. It is his responsibility to make payments on the dates indicated for domain registration / renewal.

keyboard_arrow_rightI received a message that mentions that I am NOT a registered contact and therefore I’m not allowed to make changes, what does this mean?

In all domain name applications, the contacts for the said domain are indicated. They can be Administrative, Technical or Billing contacts. Only these contacts are allowed to request and make changes to the domain data following these criteria:

  • Administrative Contact: is responsible for the domain, being able to request and carry out all kinds of changes.
  • Technical Contact: is responsible for representing the Organization responsible for the domain on technical procedures, such as DNS configuration. They can only request and modify technical data.
  • Billing Contact: is responsible for keeping payments up-to-date and arranging for domain registration / renewal payments. They can only request and modify billing contact information.

About expiration date y domain renewal dates

keyboard_arrow_rightI received a message indicating my domain expiration date. What does it mean?

All delegated domains must be renewed every year. The criteria established to determine the expiration of a domain is that each domain expires in the month in which it was activated, having time to renew it until the 25th of that month.

keyboard_arrow_rightI received a message mentioning that the time to make the payment has expired, what should I do? Do I have to start all the procedures again?

The term established for the payment of approved domains is 15 (fifteen) calendar days, counting from the date of approval and sending of the corresponding email message to the domain's contacts. Once this time has elapsed, the NIC reserves the right to request that all procedures be carried out again.

General inquiries

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is an IP number?

An IP number represents the unique identification of a computer on the Internet. Because this number is a multi-digit sequence, machines are generally known by their names rather than their IP. Also, this number can change multiple times and still keep the same name.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is a domain name?

A domain name is an identifier used to designate a computer, or a set of computers on the network. For example: the name "" groups all the computers of the Ministry of Finance of our country.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is a Top Level Domain?

A top level domain (TLD) is the end part of an Internet domain; that is, the letters that follow the endpoint of any domain name. For example, in the domain name "", the top level domain is "py".

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat are second and third level domains?

Second Level domains are those created from a Top Level Domain: in this sense, we can say that the name "" is a second level domain. Those corresponding to the Third Level in turn are created from those belonging to the Second Level, and all those names of Third Level corresponding to Paraguay (ending "PY") are delegated by the NIC.PY.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat are gTLDs and ccTLDs?

Domain names can be delegated under any of the different general domain classifications. Among these classifications we have:

  • Global domains (gTLDs): are the domains that end in .com, .net, .org, etc.
  • Country domains (ccTLDs): are the domains that end with two letters and represent the countries, among them, the .py, which represents the domains of Paraguay. Other clear examples of this type of domain are: .br for Brazil, .ar for Argentina, .mx for Mexico.

For information on delegating a domain under the global classification, access the ICANN website.

To obtain information about the delegation of a domain under the country classification, use the information provided by the IANA, in its root zone database.

keyboard_arrow_rightIf I don't delegate my domain to .PY, will I never have a domain of my own?

You can delegate gTLD or ccTLD domains as you want. Delegation of one or another type of domain is not a mandatory requirement.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is a "root server"?

The so-called "root servers" are central domain name servers worldwide, which know the data about all the servers that manage the information of global or country domains (see previous question, to understand this classification of domains).

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat are subdomains?

A subdomain is a domain that is part of a more general one. For example, "" is a subdomain of "" and would belong to the Undersecretariat of Taxation, under the Ministry of Finance. Each assignee of a third level domain can freely create subdomains under it.

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